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PostSubject: •PLATINUM INVASION• GUIDELINES   •PLATINUM INVASION• GUIDELINES I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 15, 2009 6:58 pm

Engagement Guidelines

This will give you a clue of what we will probably do. It may look like a load of rules, but they need to be read and implemented.

•PLATINUM INVASION• Family only enters a War with the collaboration of its highest ranking officers. The following ranks or combination of ranks are able to declare a War;

[color=blue]BRENDA GODMOTHER & FOUNDER/color]
Head of family overall and it's welfare and morale. Owner of website, forum and any property created. Together with Board Members, in charge of Promotions and demotions.


Head of the Family. Declares Wars and Truces. In charge of the overall welfare and morale of the group. Makes the major decisions together. In charge of Promotions and Demotions, and the over all state of the family.

Advises the Generals on the family and what issues needs addressed. Also fills in if no General is present. Cannot declare War UNLESS IN AGREEMENT WITH THE OTHER COLONEL OR ONE OF THE MAJORS, but can declare Truces. Listens to the other officers and makes command decisions

Negotiation and talks with allies/enemies. Reports to Colonels. In direct contact with the Colonels and Generals on all issues involving the family. Can not declare war UNLESS IN AGREEMENT WITH ONE OF THE COLONELS, but can declare Truces.

These ranking officers must be in complete agreement and give the go ahead for War

•PLATINUM INVASION•Family does not condone racism, excessive vulgarity, or real life threats.

• Members must be at least 18 years of age.

• We have a lot of bounty hunters. If you claim a bounty and someone hits you for it, feel free to hit them back. If it gets out of hand, call on your family. However, if someone claims your bounty, you shall not go after the bounty hunter, go after the person who listed for retaliation.

• If you play the fight list, taking money three times in succession is not overkill. Beyond that and you may be inviting retaliation that we deem as appropriate.
Tread at your own risk at this point.

• Tell the truth. We will ask you what's going on, We do so to formulate our defense when we come to your aid.
When asking for help via a broadcast, please submit the following info: ID, Level, Name, a short summary of the problem, and tag your broadcast •PLATINUM INVASION• or •PI•
so people know who they are jumping in to help.

• Every family member has the responsibility to handle their own issue to conclusion. If a group is not leaving you alone,
please instruct them to stand down on your page and theirs.
Try and defuse the fight before calling out for help. •PLATINUM INVASION• is not a group of bullies and we expect our members to not represent the •PLATINUM INVASION• family as such.

• The highest ranking officer in the chat room is in charge at all times.
During times of war the officer in charge of the battle will give out the orders to attack, stand down, or inform that a truce has been called.

• Only a Major, Colonel or the Generals can order specific retribution. For example, "I want to see his death count go to 50." You can request this, but the family is only obligated to carry out specific retributions when ordered at the Major level or higher.

• Please respect all stand-downs posted. Once you call the family in, please ask a Major or above to post any stand-down that you may reach with someone.

•Do not post stand-downs yourself once the family is called in. Also, (We never call a Truce... We only Accept a truce).
Only Majors,Colonels or Generals can accept a truce on behalf of the family.

• Please bring any problems with another •PLATINUM INVASION• Member to a Colonel. If needed, we will escalate it to the Generals.

• As always, anyone has the right to call for help and respond to the call for any •PLATINUM INVASION• family member in need.
Although we are ultimately here to have each other backs, keep in mind assisting the family is a 2 way street. YOU MUST GIVE HELP TO RECEIVE HELP.

•PLATINUM INVASION• Members are not required to have one of our logos, however it is encouraged.
You can make your own if you'd like, or use one of the logos available here on the forum.
If you aren't using a logo please make sure you tag as often as you can, for positive purposes only.

• You need to check into the chat at least once a week if at all possible to let us know how you're doing.

•If at any time for any reason you cannot be in chat the one time a week that is asked, please let us know you are on (LOA) LEAVE OF ABSENCE.

•PI does not require you stick to one family only. You are at liberty to join 100 if you'd like. All we ask is that you NEVER recruit from within to join another one of your families. If at any time this is done, you're time with PI will be up. (With hard evidence of course.)

• All •PLATINUM INVASION• Members should add each other. There is an Add forum.
add everyone there, and if you want your on add please follow the directions so that comes after you can add you as well. We also have a list of the YAHOO Messenger ID's.

• If you wish to invite a member make sure it's someone you Trust. Remember this is a Invite Only Group.please give the give the website link, NOT the direct forum/ chat link.

• All new members will be PVT.

•••Last, but not least... if you don't like these rules, then go find a family that will allow you to do as you please... or start one.•••

By becoming a member of PLATINUM INVASION, you agree to play by the all the rules, guidelines, regulations and creed!!!
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